Hongye High-Tech Development Co.,Ltd

Hongye High-Tech is a subsidiary of Puyang Hongye Environment Protection New Materials Co.,Ltd. (Hongye New Materials,Stock Code:835258), and Puyang Hongye Environment Protection New Materials Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hongye Holding Group Corporation Limited. Hongye Holding Group has became one chemical group corporation with supplying raw materials and service for paper, textile, detergent, energy and paint industries since 1998, relying on environment protection new materials, biology base new materials, biomass energy and green paints and coating’s research and production. Hongye Holding Group Corp., Ltd. total assets over 700 millions CNY and annual sales amount several billions CNY, is the world largest production base of Thiourea Dioxide, Sodium Percarbonate, Furfural and Furfuryl alcohol. Customers spread all over the world nearly 60 countries and regions, and also can provide more than 200 kind chemical product to our customers.

Offers list from this company

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    1,7-Cleve’s acid (purity)

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    Sodium Hydrosulfite 88%MIN

  3. [Sell]

    Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous

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