Top-Link Electronics (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Top-Link Electronics (Hong Kong) Limited was established in 2005, specializing in the research and manufacturing of Pogo Pins and Pogo Pin Connectors. Main products: Pogo Pins, Pogo Pin Connectors, Leaf Battery Connectors, Auto-Lathe manufacturing ,etc. Various models of these products are available, also, we can design different models according to the customer s requirements. our factory is 1500 sq.m in area, having nearly 100 employers now. We have advanced equipments, such as: 20 Auto-Lathes( all are imported from Japan), 2 Switzerland assembly machine( the processing rate is 10~20 times than Japanese Auto-Lathe), 7 efficient crimper equipments. We have integrated organization and quality control system. RoHS directive and the requirements of ISO9000 quality management system are meeting.
We value talents and we are cultivating them. We ve got a specialized team with working experiences in international companies and with 5 years experiences in the field of developing and manufacturing Pogo Pins.
We value quality. With prefect and effective Quality Control System, we have no record of quality complaints from our customers up till now. We have the testing system of Resistance & Force Displacement cure (which is unique in China), DTM, and accurate testing machines & trial facilities for Surface Coarse, Salt Spray, Oven, Durability, etc.
We value technology and the sustainable improvement of productivity. We have a lot of experiences in every process, from lathing, polishing, cleaning, plating, assembling and installing to testing, and have been working hard to improve them, because we know it very well that how the products perform finally largely depend on the details of every process. The ever improving and skillful techniques provide a very high productivity and meanwhile an extremely small defect proportion, therefore, we can guarantee a timely delivery.
We pay attention to the choice of suppliers. The suppliers we chose mostly are of the most professi