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sell sandstone tiles,white sandstone,Navajo sandstone etc

China Newstar Stone Company mainly supply you all kinds of products of Sandstone,brilliantly colored formation sandstone,sandstone tile,red sandstone,Navajo sandstone.Chinese sandstone,landscaping with sandstone,type of sandstone,sandstone amphitheater.
Products name:Sandstone,sandstone tile,landscape wooden sandstone
1> color stone: domestic or imported sandstone(Yellow sandstone,white sandstone, Green sandstone etc)
2> Thickness:2cm, 3cm or other requirement. The Size and the styles are available for your customized design.
3> Surface: natural or mushroomed
You can visit on our website www.stone-export.com to get our full online products catalogues and contact me via
Yahoo:goodnewstar2008@yahoo.com.cn .Thank you!

Placement Date: May 24, 2008 GMT
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Country: China sell sandstone tiles,white sandstone,Navajo sandstone etc
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