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Diesel engine Nozzle 105015-4130,DLLA154S324N413

We (China Balin Power Co.,Ltd) supply various of fuel injection parts.
Including plunger, nozzle, delivery valve, head rotor, Common Rail Valve,
control valve, Nozzle holder and so on.
• High performance
• Durable
• Sturdy in design
• Resistant to temperature variations
• User friendly
For more details, please do not hesitate to contact Vivian lin.
S_K_Y_P_E: vivian.vivian50
T_E_L: (86)-594-2650550
C_e_l_l: (86)-13799690614
W_E_B: www (dot) china-balin (dot) com
W_E_B: www (doc) balin-group (doc) com
Some of the products as below:
Nozzle SN 105015-3650 DLLA151S354NP86
Nozzle SN 105015-3670 DLLA160S354NP88
Nozzle SN 105015-3680 DLLA150S334NP89
Nozzle SN 105015-3760 DLLA155S334NP96
Nozzle SN 105015-3770 DLLA166S384NP97
Nozzle SN 105015-3850 DLLA150S334N385
Nozzle SN 105015-3930 DLLA154S284N393
Nozzle SN 105015-4030 DLLA144S354N403
Nozzle SN 105015-4060 DLLA152S354N406
Nozzle SN 105015-4090 DLLA138S364N409
Nozzle S 105015-4110 DLLA150S394N411
Nozzle SN 105015-4130 DLLA154S324N413
Nozzle SN 105015-4140 DLLA150S374N414
Nozzle SN 105015-4170 DLLA137S374N417
Nozzle SN 105015-4190 DLLA154S334N419
Nozzle SN 105015-4220 DLLA160S295N422
Nozzle SN 105015-4240 DLLA154S344N424
Nozzle S 105015-4330 DLLA105S304N433
Nozzle SN 105015-4350 DLLA160S307N435
Nozzle SN 105015-4370 DLLA158S325N437
Nozzle SN 105015-4380 DLLA154S374N438
Nozzle SN 105015-4390 DLLA154S374N439
Nozzle SN 105015-4530 DLLA145S344N453
Nozzle SN 105015-4560 DLLA148S324N456
Nozzle SN 105015-4570 DLLA162S384N457
Nozzle SN 105015-4580 DLLA155S365N458
Nozzle SN 105015-4640 DLLA150S374N464
Nozzle SN 105015-4700 DLLA150S424N470
Nozzle SN 105015-4730 DLLA148S324N473
Nozzle SN 105015-4740 DLLA154S304N474
Nozzle SN 105015-4860 DLLA160S324N486
Nozzle S 105015-4950 DLLA103S314N495
Nozzle SN 105015-5010 DLLA142S344N501
Nozzle SN 105015-5020 DLLA142S354N502
Nozzle SN 105015-5040 DLLA133SN504
Nozzle SN 105015-5070 DLLA160S325N507
Nozzle SN 105015-5100 DLLA140SN510
Nozzle SN 105015-5150 DLLA155SN515
Nozzle SN 105015-5190 DLLA160SN519
Nozzle SN 105015-5290 DLLA152SN529
Nozzle SN 105015-5320 DLLA155SN532
Nozzle SN 105015-5330 DLLA154SN533
Nozzle SN 105015-5340 DLLA150SN534
Nozzle SN 105015-5360 DLLA155SN536
Nozzle SN 105015-5380 DLLA158SN538
Nozzle SN 105015-5390 DLLA160SN539
Nozzle SN 105015-5440 DLLA157SN544

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