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Export of grain commodities in containers

Over six years period we render services for organization of reloading of grain and oilseeds commodities from railway wagons and trucks directly to 20-feet or 40-feet containers with further export shipment and delivery to the port of discharge in the country of importer. The carriage is done in container by break-bulk.
Over a period of our company €™s existence we shipped grain cargoes in containers more than half million tones and geography of destination of Ukrainian Origin Grain is very comprehensive: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Oman, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, South Korea, Great Britain, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Italy and Czech Republic.
We achieve the following services which include all movements of grain delivery from the field of farmer to final consumer outside Ukraine:
- Truck carriage from the place of purchasing of the grain in cooperative farm
- Transshipment of grain and oilseeds with the help of pneumatic reloading conveyor under direct variant truck €“ sea container or railway wagon €“ sea container
- Certification of the cargo for further custom clearance
- Custom clearance in Odessa and Ilyichevsk Ports
- Optimal chose of sea carriage for the Client on the basis of main conditions of each carriage: cost of freight and transit time.
- Sea carriage with involving maritime container lines
- Advising on important transport clauses in trade contracts before sighing of contract
- Advising on workflow in trade execution
- Advising on corresponding terms and condition of the letter of credit to export contract
- Arranging of issuing of all cargo shipping documents for the Client for successful negotiation of export letter of credit and successful fulfillment of the contract

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